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Lake 513 and Mount Mateo


Duration 3 days
Difficulty Moderate to Hard
Range of Altitude 3,600m to 5,150m / 11,811ft to 16,896ft
Distance Covered Approximately 18km

The Lake 513 and Mount Mateo climb is a unique trek that combines both trekking and climbing in the Cordillera Blanca. This is suitable for trekkers who love a good dose of outdoor action within a limited amount of time!




  • We drive north of Huaraz, through Carhuaz town, arriving at Shonquilpampa two and a half hours later

  • We start our trek through the Hualcan valley. Along the way, take in spectacular views of Mount Hualcan and Mount Copa as well as the local flora such as Taulli Taulli, Quisuar and Quenua trees which are native to the region. Arrive at Lake Rajupaquinan for a break and a chance to take amazing photos of your surroundings

  • After the break, embark on a series of switchbacks, arrival at your first camp at the base of Mount Hualcan

  • Total hiking time is approximately four to five hours
  • After breakfast, we hike up a small path to the second lake, the spectacular Lake 513 with its unique turquoise colour, set just beaneath the towering Mount Hualcan

  • Ascend a steep hill to Shumaqpunta Pass where you’ll enjoy panoramic views of the Cordillera Blanca and Cordillera Negra ranges, mountains such as Mount Huascaran, Mount Checquiaraju, Mount Chugllaraju, Mount Ulta, Mount Hualcan and Mount Copa, as well as lakes such as Auquiscocha, Checquiacocha and Cochca – your guide will point them out to you!

  • After the pass, we descend to the second camp site at Shonquilchico valley. Total hiking time is approximately seven hours
  • Our private transport will pick us up early in the morning from our base to Punta Olimpica tunnel via the Ulta valley. Total driving time is approximately two hours

  • We start our climb, ascending to the morraine camp of Mount Mateo at 4,980m / 16,339ft, where we then put on our climbing gear to conquer the summit! The climb should take approximately two hours. Thereafter, climb back down to your private transport for your ride back to Huaraz


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