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Lake Paron


Duration 1 Day
Difficulty Easy to Moderate
Range of Altitude 2,270m to 4,140m / 7,448ft to 13,583ft
Distance Covered Approximately 2km

With a catchment area of 44 square kilometres, Lake Paron is the largest lake in the Cordillera Blanca.

Located approximately 100 kilometres north of Huaraz, the lake attracts hikers near and far, drawn to its turquoise-coloured waters which are derived from high concentrations of dissolved lime, as well as picturesque views of the surrounding peaks such as Mount Chacraraju (6,108m/20,039ft), Mount Huandoy (6,395m/20,981ft), Mount Artesonraju (6,025m/19,767ft) and Mount Piramide de Garcilaso (5,885m/19,308ft).

Marvel at the wonders of nature as you drive along the narrow U-shaped Paron valley towards Lake Paron, flanked by towering rock walls. A walk along the lake towards its northern tip brings you up close to Mount Artesonraju, a distinctly pyramid-shaped mountain that is often likened to the one portrayed in the Paramount Pictures logo. You can be the judge of it!


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  • Our day begins with an approximately one and a half hour drive north to the town of Caraz (which is 67km from Huaraz), where we stop for a short break

  • The scenic drive continues eastwards for approximately one and a half hours towards Lake Paron

  • A path at the entrance of the lake allows us to skirt along the lake towards its northern tip. The walk takes approximately two hours

  • Enjoy fascinating views of the surrounding peaks while we break for lunch

  • Return via the same route to our private transport for the trip back to Huaraz

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