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Lake Urus Cocha


Duration 1 Day
Difficulty Moderate to Hard
Range of Altitude 3,550m to 4,400m / 11,647ft to 14,436ft
Distance Covered Approximately 4.5km

At the base of Mount Urus (5,495m/18,028ft) lies the twin lakes of Urus Cocha, well known for their shimmery turquoise waters.

The journey to these lakes kicks off from the village of Pashpa, located approximately 25 kilometres north of Huaraz. While not as frequented as the other treks in Cordillera Blanca, the Lake Urus Cocha trek is no less spectacular. You will get to enjoy uninterrupted views of the almighty Mount Huascaran (6,768m/22,205ft), the highest mountain in Peru, as you make your way to the lakes.

The first Urus Cocha lake you will arrive at is the smaller of the two, otherwise known as the female lake, and a further ascent brings you to the slightly larger (or male) lake. Marvel at the queer-looking quenual trees found at these lakes, which are also the highest growing trees in the world.


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  • We drive north from Huaraz for approximately one hour to the village of Pashpa, where the trek begins
  • We follow the same path towards Ishinca Valley, until we reach a crossroad that leads us down a smaller trail towards Lake Urus Cocha

  • After approximately three hours of walking, we arrive at the first of two lakes, known as the female lake

  • We make a short ascent to reach the male lake

  • We enjoy panoramic views of surrounding summits like Mount Urus (5,495m/18,028ft), Mount Huascaran (6,768m/22,205ft), Mount Cupa (6,188m/20,302ft) and Mount Vallunraju (5,686m/18,655ft)

  • During this time we can break for lunch, laze or walk around the lake before returning via the same route to our private transport for transfer back to Huaraz. You can even enjoy a spot of fishing (optional)


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