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Mount Alpamayo


Duration 7 days
Difficulty Technical
Range of Altitude 2,900m to 5,947m / 9,514ft to 19,511ft
Distance Covered Approximately 60km

Mount Alpamayo, which is known to be the “most beautiful” mountain in the world, is undoubted the most famous peak in the Cordillera Blanca. With its magnificently shaped pyramidal structure and cone, Mount Alpamayo continues to attract hundreds of climbers from all over the world, drawn to its undeniable beauty.

The 7D6N climb is suitable only for climbers in excellent physical shape, who have previous climbing experience and are confident of their climbing skills. Due to the demanding nature of the climb, it is essential that all climbers are well-acclimatized, having completed at least four days of acclimatization treks and/or an acclimatization-climb of easy to moderate difficulty (e.g. Mount Vallunaraju, Mount Urus, Mount Ishinca or Mount Pisco) as warm-up in preparation for the climb.

The climb is technically challenging as certain sections consist of scaling very steep slopes at gradients greater than 60 degrees. This involves use of important climbing techniques like anchoring and rappelling, as well as equipment such as ice axes, crampons and fixed ropes over long and sustained periods of climbing.

The climb has been structured with a rest day (on day 3) to allow climbers to recharge, soak in the surrounding sights and practise some essential climbing techniques. You may also opt to explore the beautiful Lake Arhuaycocha.


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  • Our day begins with an approximately three hour drive from Huaraz to Cashapampa, the starting point of the trek. We will pass the towns of Carhuaz, Yungay and Caraz during the drive

  • We hike for approximately four to five hours through Santa Cruz valley to Llamacorral, our first campsite
  • We continue walking through Santa Cruz valley, passing by the twin lakes of Ichiccocha and Jatuncocha with spectacular views of the snow-capped peaks of Mount Quitaraju (6,040m/19,816ft), Mount Rinrihirka (5,810m/19,062ft), Mount Taullirahu (5,830m/19,127ft) and Mount Alpamayo (5,947m/19,511ft) in the distance

  • After approximately three hours, we deviate left from Santa Cruz valley to arrive at Alpamayo base camp, where we spend the next two nights

  • Total hiking time is approximately four to five hours
  • Rest day: Take the opportunity to recharge, relax and enjoy the surrounding sights, while practising some fundamental climbing techniques. You can also choose to do a short walk to visit Lake Arhuaycocha
  • After breakfast in the early morning, we begin climbing up a steep and rocky path for approximately three hours to reach the glacier. Enjoy views of towering peaks such as Mount Artesonraju (6,025m/19,767ft) and Mount Pucajirca (6,050m/19,849ft) along the way

  • After getting geared up, we proceed to navigate our way up through steep sections of ice slopes. We arrive at Alpamayo high camp after three to four hours of ice climbing
  • We start early today at about 1am. The climb to the summit is steep and requires technical maneuvering through several pitches along the way. Proper use of crampons, ice axes and ropes is required. You will be aided at all times by our experienced mountain guides

  • We should arrive at the summit after approximately five to six hours. Celebrate scaling the summit and marvel at panoramic views of the magical landscape!

  • Descend via a series of rappels along the same route for approximately two hours, before hiking down a steep path for another two hours to arrive back at Alpamayo high camp

  • Total climb time is approximately 10 to 11 hours
  • We continue making our way down for approximately five to six hours back to Alpamayo base camp for our last night
  • After breakfast, we leave camp and descend gradually through Santa Cruz valley for approximately six hours to the village of Cashapampa, where our private transport awaits for our return to Huaraz, thus concluding your unforgettable journey to the summit of Mount Alpamayo


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