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6-7 DAYS

Mount Huascaran


Duration 6-7 days
Difficulty Technical
Range of Altitude 3,090m to 6,768m / 10,138ft to 22,205ft
Distance Covered

Towering at 6,768m, Mount Huascaran is the highest mountain in Peru. Given the high altitudes, it is essential for climbers to be in excellent physical shape with previous climbing experience and well-acclimatized to the environment.

We would recommend completing at least four days of acclimatization treks as well as an acclimatization-climb of easy to moderate difficulty (e.g. Mount Vallunaraju, Mount Urus, Mount Ishinca or Mount Pisco) as warm-up in preparation for the climb.

You can choose to include an extra day to buffer for additional rest or inclement weather.




  • Our day begins with an approximately one and a half hour drive from Huaraz to Musho, the starting point of the trek

  • We hike for approximately three and a half to four hours to the Base Camp, our first campsite
  • We begin climbing first on moraine rock, and then followed by snow and ice to High Camp 1

  • Total hiking time is approximately four to five hours
  • We leave early and continue climbing towards High Camp 2
  • Some parts are quite steep and technical, so careful climbing is required
  • Total hiking time is approximately four to five hours
  • Today is the summit day! We leave very early to navigate towards the summit of Mount Huascaran. There are several crevasses to navigate around

  • After spending sometime at the summit, we head down towards High Camp 2 to end a long but rewarding day
  • Total hiking time is approximately eleven to twelve hours
  • Descend for the next five to six hours straight to the Base Camp for your final night

  • Hike for the next three and a half to four hours back to Musho, where your private transport will pick you up and return to Huaraz for much deserved rest and celebrations!


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