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Mount Tocllaraju


Duration 4 days
Difficulty Technical
Range of Altitude 3,700m to 6,032m / 12,139ft to 19,790ft
Distance Covered Approximately 35km

Mount Tocllaraju is located in the Ishinca valley, which lies in the very heart of the Cordillera Blanca. At a height of 6,032m/19,790ft, the towering Mount Toccllaraju is frequently scaled by climbers drawn to its beautiful, pyramidal-shaped disposition.

This is a physically demanding climb which involves traversing through stretches of challenging and technical terrain. It should only be attempted by climbers with prior climbing experience.

The ascent to the summit is broken up into two sections with a stopover at Tocllaraju moraine camp. From Ishinca base camp, climbers will first climb to Tocllaraju moraine camp (5,300m/17,388ft) where they will spend one night before scaling to the summit on the third day. Porters will be on hand to assist in carrying the equipment whenever paths are inaccessible by donkeys.

It is essential that climbers are in excellent physical shape and are well acclimatized given the high altitudes and long trekking distances.


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  • We start by driving for approximately one to two hours from Huaraz to the village of Pashpa-Cochapampa, the starting point of the trek

  • We hike eastwards for approximately nine kilometres (equivalent to approximately four to five hours of hiking) through Ishinca valley to Ishinca base camp where we spend our first night
  • We make a gradual ascent for approximately three hours before arriving at the Tocllaraju moraine camp where we spend the night

  • Porters will assist in carrying the equipment as the path is inaccessible to donkeys
  • Starting very early in the morning at 1am, we begin the climb towards the summit. Approximately three hours in, we will meet with a 60-metre wall which you will be required to scale with the guide’s aid, before continuing the climb

  • We will arrive at the summit after approximately five to six hours in total

  • At the summit, we take in uninterrupted, panoramic views of surrounding snow-capped peaks like Mount Ranrapalca (6,162m/20,217ft), Mount Palcaraju (6,110m/20,046ft) and Mount Vallunaraju (5,686m/18,655ft)

  • Descend along the same route back to Tocllaraju moraine camp first, and subsequently to Ishinca base camp where we will spend our last night

  • Total hiking and climbing time is approximately 11 to 12 hours
  • We descend for approximately three hours along Ishinca valley back to Pashpa-Cochapampa, where our private transport awaits for our return back to Huaraz


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