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Mount Urus


Duration 3 days
Difficulty Moderate
Range of Altitude 3,700m to 5,495m / 12,139ft to 18,028ft
Distance Covered Approximately 30km

Mount Urus (5,495m/18,028ft) is located in Ishinca valley, which lies in the very heart of the Cordillera Blanca.

The 3D2N climb is an ideal acclimatization-climb and a good chance to learn important mountaineering skills – especially if you are eventually headed for more technical climbs or higher elevations later on.

On this journey, you will traverse the eastern ridges of Mount Urus towards the summit. Along the way, you will be treated to splendid views of the surrounding landscape, including peaks like Mount Ranrapalca (6,162m/20,217ft), Mount Ishinca (5,550m/18,209ft) and Mount Tocllaraju (6,032m/19,790ft), to name but a few. Climbers often combine an easy climb to Mount Urus or Mount Ishinca (which acts as a warm-up) with a more technical climb to Mount Tocllaraju.

This climb is ideal for beginners with little or no prior climbing experience. Nevertheless, it is still essential that climbers are in good physical shape and are well-acclimatized given the high altitudes and long trekking distances.


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  • We start by driving for approximately one to two hours from Huaraz to the village of Pashpa-Cochapampa, the starting point of the trek

  • We hike eastwards for approximately nine kilometres (equivalent to approximately four to five hours of hiking) through Ishinca valley to Ishinca base camp where we spend both nights
  • We start very early in the morning at 2am. Climb the steep eastern ridge of Mount Urus for approximately three hours until we hit the snow and ice. We continue with a further two hours of steady climbing until we arrive at the summit

  • At the summit, we take in breathtaking, panoramic views of the surrounding snow-capped peaks like Mount Ranrapalca (6,162m/20,217ft), Mount Ishinca (5,550m/18,209ft) and Mount Tocllaraju (6,032m/19,790ft)

  • Descend along the same route back to the Ishinca base camp

  • Total hiking and climbing time is approximately 11 to 12 hours
  • We descend for approximately three hours along Ishinca valley back to Pashpa-Cochapampa, where our private transport awaits for our return back to Huaraz


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