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Olleros – Carhuascancha


Duration 6 days
Difficulty Moderate to Hard
Range of Altitude 3,400m to 4,830m / 11,155ft to 15,846ft
Distance Covered Approximately 65km

Get away from the busier hiking routes with a trek to the quieter, more remote southern flanks of the Cordillera Blanca. The Olleros – Carhuascancha trek is a longer, slightly more challenging version of the 3D2N Olleros – Chavin trek (see here) as it includes ascents to three separate passes, giving you uninterrupted access to magnificent views of Mount Uruashraju (5,722m/18,773ft), Mount Huantsan (6,395m/20,981ft), Mount Rurec (5,700m/18,701ft) and more, as well as the glacial iridescent lakes formed at the base of these peaks.

You will revel in the pristine, untouched beauty of your surroundings and also have the opportunity to experience local culture and village life.

The trek ends with a visit to the famed Chavin de Huantar, an important archaeological site with beginnings as early as 1200BC. Founded by the Chavin civilisation, which is the oldest culture during the pre-Inca times, the complex features an intricate system of underground rooms and chambers. The site has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.




  • We start by driving for approximately one hour from Huaraz to the district of Olleros, the starting point of the trek

  • We hike for approximately five to six hours through the Uquian valley to our first campsite at Sacracancha
  • We ascend gradually to the Yanashallash pass (4,700m/15,420ft), the first pass of the trek, where we can take in panoramic views of surrounding summits like Mount Cashan (5,716m/18,753ft) and Mount Uruashraju (5,722m/18,773ft)

  • Descend via a zigzag path to the valley of Shongo, where we set up camp for the night

  • Total hiking time is approximately six to seven hours
  • We continue with a relatively easy, relaxing trek up along the Alhuina valley, with Mount Huantsan (6,395m/20,981ft) looming in the distance. Enjoy nature at its finest, passing by waterfalls and azure-coloured lakes

  • We arrive at our next campsite at Castillopampa, after approximately six hours of trekking
  • We make our way to the beautiful Santa Rosa pass (4,830m), the highest point of our trek, where we can take in spectacular sights of Mount Huantsan (6,395m/20,981ft) and its surrounding valleys

  • Descend to the next campsite at the Rima Rima valley

  • Total hiking time is approximately five hours
  • After breakfast, we gradually ascend up a hill to the Mesa Pata View Point (4,620m/15,157ft), the last pass of our journey

  • The Mesa Pata View Point gives one unparalleled access to panoramic views of the Cordillera Blanca range. From this pass, sights of snowcapped summits, flora and fauna and glacial lakes combine to form a magnificent landscape painting

  • Descend to your last campsite at the picuresque Carhuascancha valley after a long but rewarding day

  • Total hiking time is approximately seven hours
  • We make a relatively easy, steady descent through the Carhuascancha valley for approximately three hours to Puente Dos Amores, where our private transport awaits to take us to the Chavin de Huantar archaelogical site, an approximately one hour drive away

  • Spend time touring the archaeological complex before making our way through the Cahuish tunnel (4,450m/14,600ft) back to Huaraz, with an option to stop by Lake Querococha for good photo-taking opportunities


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