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Olleros – Chavin


Duration 3 days
Difficulty Easy to Moderate
Range of Altitude 3,400m to 4,700m / 11,155ft to 15,420ft
Distance Covered Approximately 40km

The Olleros – Chavin trek is a relatively easy one, ideal for people of all ages and those who favour a change from the other busier trekking routes.

Start the 40 kilometre journey from the remote district of Olleros (with a population of about 3,000), located to the south-east of the Cordillera Blanca. Walking along trails dating back to the pre-Inca era and nearby villages, you will get a sense of how the locals live while appreciating views of surrounding peaks such as Mount Cashan (5,716m/18,753ft), Mount Uruashraju (5,722m/18,773ft) and Mount Shacsha (5,632m/18,478ft).

The trek ends with a visit to the famed Chavin de Huantar, an important archaeological site with beginnings as early as 1200BC. Founded by the Chavin civilisation, which is the oldest culture during the pre-Inca times, the complex features an intricate system of underground rooms and chambers. The site has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


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  • We start by driving for approximately one hour from Huaraz to the district of Olleros, the starting point of the trek

  • We hike for approximately five to six hours through the Uquian valley to our first campsite at Sacracancha
  • We ascend gradually to the Yanashallash pass (4,700m/15,420ft), the highest point of the trek, where we can take in panoramic views of surrounding summits like Mount Cashan (5,716m/18,753ft), Mount Uruashraju (5,722m/18,773ft) and Mount Shacsha (5,632m/18,478ft)

  • Descend via a zigzag path to the valley of Shongo, where we set up camp for the night

  • Total hiking time is approximately six to seven hours
  • We descend along a narrow road, passing by the local villages of Chichucancha and Nunupata before arriving at the Chavin de Huantar archaeological site

  • Total hiking time is approximately two and a half to three hours

  • After exploring the site, we are back on the road via private transport for our return back to Huaraz through the Cahuish tunnel (4,450m/14,600ft), with an option to stop by Lake Querococha for good photo-taking opportunities


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